Saturday, 1 October 2016

Dharmam and Rains

 No rains in the village, or district, and almost all borewells have dried up.. The panchayat bore near the forest is functioning, and the tankers come daily at any time of the day or night and people go with their pots and collect 8 pots of water a day. A cow needs 3 pots of water a day, and people with two or three cows are at their wits end. This is Tirunal nela - the month when we should get unceaseing rains.

The village is united in its assessment that the rains have failed because people have failed dharmam. 'Manishulu dharmanga pothe, devudu koode thodi isthaadu, varshaalu paduthaayi'.

Then I asked Eashwarmma what was God doing to those few who were following Dharmam. She said, "He does look after them. he gives them manas shanthi (peace of mind) and soumithyam." She did not need to think. It was a clear and immediate answer from a clear philosophical foundation. I was looking for an answer based on material benefits, she left me far behind.

... So the Indian mind is able to consider Dharmam, and the satisfaction of following Dharmam, its own purpose. This is not from a religion that is an 'opium for the masses'. This is a religion that strengthens people to put feeding every hungry begger, over securing their own tomorrow's meal. Thereby even in this drought no on is turned away hungry from any village home.

Each time in the village I learn a little more about what I country is, and what its philosophical underpinnings are.

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