Sunday, 6 November 2016

Cooking set for the children

The worlds are so different.

A good friend of mine, got a cook set for her child, and mail ordered one for me for the village children. Beautiful, good gauge stainless steel set. To date I have only got the children tin stuff from the footpath vendors.
The children did not play with this at all. They could not ! Varalu asked for one of the boxes to use at home to store oil. It was of far better quality than any vessel she has at home.
That is how different the world we inhabit are. We do not even realise how different.

Ananya Mehta This is true. There are many different worlds out there. And one can't quite comprehend the other.

Aparna Krishnan In the case of the 'rich' and the 'poor', the tragedy of lack of understanding becomes vast. 

Aparna Krishnan The gift was heartfelt. And valued. And Varalu has a nice oil vessel. What is needed is a deeper connection between the rich and the poor.

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