Saturday, 5 November 2016

FB Discussions - the IIT and the Other Spaces.

When an 'IIT engineer' gives up his job and moves to a village, it becomes adulatory news. More so if that lady or gentleman was working abroad and returned !

But if an 12th pass or a graduate or a small shopkeeper does this I would consider that a far more significant step. 

Because the IIT engineer always in a sense has options open. Somewhere that education itself keeps some doors open should he wish to start earning a living later. A person with simpler education makes a far more courageous move. 

(Just saw a post on an 'engineer who had returned from abroad to work in a village', and so these musings ...)
Shyamala Sanyal More of us need to make the move, Aparna Krishnan. Applauded or not, every such move from urban to rural is valuable

Aparna Krishnan i am referring to the caste system we are subscribing to. That a person from a more elite college is a superior person, and more newsworthy. The hierarchy of today, so internalised that we miss it.

Aparna Krishnan Of course every thinking person needs to engage with villages personally - as deeply and completely as courage permits.
Bharat Nayak The point of that kind of post is may be to inspire other techies or the people who have expertise and are sitting at edge to leave their monotonous job.

We have to somewhere accept that most of the time, people who are technically sound and have expertise will be more beneficial than a 12th pass
Aparna Krishnan More beneficial for what ? What do we feel needs to done ? What is the world we desire to create/ protect ? From that understanding we begin.
Aparna Krishnan And why 'inspire techies' ? All youth I would think ! :)
Srivattsan Raghavan I am more worried that these educated people who suffer from education... Will put their city based mindset on village. Rather than seeing village as a natural ecosystem! A lot of people my friends think villagers are uncivilised and their way of worship.. And these people will celebrate Halloween.. A lot of people come with thought that that villagers have to become civilised rather than a mutual learning experience!! Media has been created and built by Intellectuals who had been in Ac rooms and 4 walls in cities.. Tasting the western flavour of life...their definition of progress is materialism... And dot... It ends there.. It's "I" no "we" ... only quite a few exceptions are there!
Aparna Krishnan you nailed it.
Rama Murthy Right. I have seen and faced this time and again....
Rama Murthy The real heroes are invariably sidelined and forgotten in our country and this is one such ....
Renuka Devi True Aparna. People with simple and humble background decide to lead a life in the village by redusing consumerism and living with community are real heroes.
Amitabh Nigam Aparna Krishnan, one of the reasons why the perception is like this ( IIT"/foreign returned"- to the roots versus Lesser mortals devoting themselves ) is due to our enculturation of glorifying sacrifice over duty !
This comes from our epics Ramayana and Mahabharata.
Remember that Rama is worshipped because he sacrificed the throne and went to forest. No one remembers Bharat who ran the show for 14 years. Therefore renunciation/abdication has more "value" than performing your duty laboriously. On the top of it, Geeta professes that duty should be done without expectations.

The act of working for others if you have limited options is indeed nobler.
Aparna Krishnan I agree. Just that the present day caste system of IIT > BA, and fluent English > fluent Tamil, needs to be seen. I wish anyone moving to a village giving up a career would be quoted, and the adjective 'IIT" be dropped.
Amitabh Nigam Judging/Grading/Comparing is another trait we grow up with. Hence the qualifying adjectives prefixing every entity !

Mihir Pathak absolutely right. I always asked this question to my teachers who never encouraged me to stay at village. but now I am here at dharampur. I am 12th fail :)

Aparna Krishnan what is 12th anyway ?? or BA or BTech ??

Mihir Pathak nothing just pice of paper :)
Prakash Thangavel 12th grade would be considered jobless where as IIT guy would be considered as one who sacrificed..
Aparna Krishnan precisely !!

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