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FB Discussions - Property is Theft

November 3, 2013 at 8:46pm ·

Quote - For the convenience of capitalists the laws are made in such a way as to juridically legitimise what is essentially theft. - Unquote. (Rahul Bannerjee’s blog)

 We upper class are all theives. We, the educated, sit in the planning commission and other committees and make laws that justify our positions. A poor man taking something to assuage his hunger is termed a thief. We, sitting on vast surplus, while fellow people are undernourished have termed ourselves in law as honest !  

In an ethical community, one person would not be allowed to possess more than twice or four times as another ... 'there is anough for everyone's need, but not enough for anyone's greed.'.

In our 'future security (insecurity !!)', is hidden another's man's starvation.
Rahul Banerjee well said. you echo the quintessential anarchist statement of pierre proudhon - all property is theft!!! 
Aparna Krishnan I will not take it to the ultimate of 'all property is theft' ... my villagers have their cows, and a small piece of land sometimes. There is an insecurity in all of us about the next meal(s) - very very few are fearless. But one cannot have an asset base of thousands, and another one in crores. That society becomes a criminal society ...
 Aparna Krishnan That India is here too is the tragedy. Where austerity was worshipped.
 Rahul Banerjee the anarchist conception is of community ownership. you have small communities owning resources and individuals linked together within that community in cooperation. its a very high ideal that has become totally marginalised due to the stress on profit making and property owning of capitalism. 

Aparna Krishnan Yes, it is a high ideal ... was it that way in Alirajpur ? Even in the Narmada tribal belts the people owned small plots I think. First thishuge  disparity has to end. Fancy cars and people rummaging in the diustbins co-exist. Sickening. Worst is that we get used to everything. This is evilness ... 

Rahul Banerjee it was never that way in Alirajpur because this existed only in hunter gatherer societies and never in agricultural societies. However within our group of full time activists we used to practice this. No one owned anything and the most money went to the tribal activists because they had families to support while the rest of us middle class guys were unmarried. But with time all that has become history and now we all have private property.

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