Sunday, 25 December 2016

Khadi meant integrity

Khadi ... and all it meant.
"For individual Satyagraha against the Second World War, Gandhi used to prepare a list of Satyagrahis, who were persons with integrity and spirit of dedication.

On one occasion a woman from Bombay staying at Sikka Nagar was to stage individual Satyagraha by making a pronouncement against war and courting arrest. She resorted to individual Satyagraha by making antiwar speech in front of the Lamington Road Police Station in Bombay. She was then arrested by the police. Normally, the arrested Satyagrahi was allowed to visit his or her residence to pick up the luggage before being produced before the Court and then sent to jail after the Court's verdict. However, in this case, the lady Satyagrahi, after her arrest, was informed that she would be directly taken to the Court and then to the jail. 

After this information was given to her, she look out her diamond earrings, pearl necklace and gold bangles. She wrapped those ornaments in handkerchief and handed them over to a Khadi clad person among the spectators, assembled to witness the Satyagraha. She gave him her residential address and requested him to hand over her precious ornaments at her residence. The bewildered Khadi wearer asked her, whether she would not suspect that he would run away with the costly ornaments. The Lady replied: "Brother, you have on your body Gandhiji's Khadi; you won't commit the sin of running away with the ornaments which I have handed over to you in great faith."

This shows how Gandhi had imparted to the Khadi wearers a new dignity and credibility.

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