Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Feminism (and other isms).

My problem with feminism (and other isms).
Generalizations can miss the nuances. Realities reside in the nuances. Gender differences sometimes become gender inequalities when seen thro' hegemonizing theories.
My village girls love putting muggus (or kolams or rangolis). Every morning they get up at dawn, sprinkle water and create this wonder.
A leftist friend came home and told Rani that she should paint a muggu on the doorstep so that she could 'escape the drudgery'. Rani did not wish to escape from anything, and she saw creation and not drudgery !

Aparna Krishnan There are deep problems everywhere. The grappling with the understanding and the addressing of that has to be done on the ground. Not in overarching theories. That is my only submission.
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Aparna Krishnan I justify no wrong - that of mine or of another. Right and wrong is quite back and white. It begins with the 5 yamas - satya, asteya, aparigraha, brahmacharya and ahimsa.
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Rajesh Pandey Advice of "Painting the Muggu" is a typical city-ish and fast-life-ish advice. And what we do in cities with the time saved from these tricks like 'painting the muggu' is to live a passive life of watching TV or spending time in traffic jams.
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