Monday, 23 January 2017

The take home of modernity - Toda, Nilgiris

Frome there to here.

(via @Sridhar Lakshmanan) The Toda homes, Nilgiris.

Aparna Krishnan omg. what is this ??
Aparna Krishnan but do they live in such rundown houses, or the one in the main photo ?
Sridhar Lakshmanan do u know that all thatched houses are banned in TN after the kumbakonam incident and there is a scheme based on which they are gievn concrete houses in tribal areas, they are an eye sore worst is they radiate cold and start leaking very soon, more sa...See more
Sridhar Lakshmanan they live in conrete houses these days because of situation explained above
Aparna Krishnan good lord. So this beauty now belongs to the past ?
Sridhar Lakshmanan that beauty is a newly constructed house to be offered as as a tourist stay place in order to conserve the skill , i am working on a project to make miniature Thoda huts so that we can export it as cribs during christmas
Aparna Krishnan sad. that what was day to day, and rooted, is now becoming exotic and artifacted. The march of modernity.
Sridhar Lakshmanan Aparna Krishnan thats because we are silent and inactive
Aparna Krishnan The march of modernity, and its claiming minds and mindsets as its victims, is what makes the battle so hard. It is often unclear on what to do, and how. Most 'struggles' are aimed at equity, and not at this deep reality where the victim is co-opted into the aggressor's worldview itself.
Sridhar Lakshmanan deliberation is the issue, act and learn on the way is wat i would say
Aparna Krishnan absolutely. But much of our actions necessarily seem to be promoting the dominant process. Not establishing their own simplicity, and deep sense of sacredness. But working out 'livlihoods' and 'integration'. Because they also think they want that, and our imagination also fails.
Aparna Krishnan but i agree - it is in the shared path of action, that even the dialogues with them open out,
Sridhar Lakshmanan Aparna Krishnan surprised to note you seem to take yourself too seriously , " theethu nanmai ellam theiva leelai andro" by Bharath the poet ( not my duaghter) may be you should read nirpathuvae nadapathuvaei
Sridhar Lakshmanan i presume you can read tamil else i can send one with transalion but they are not even a poor substitute , worse better to enjoy in tamil
Sridhar Lakshmanan to my knowledge this was one ofthe very few songs ge wrote a foreword or explanation

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