Monday, 23 January 2017


My daughter was at the receiving end of lectures from some friends of mine about the evils of jallikattu. She told them that she had been to jallikattus, and that the village people treat their cattle with care, but her words were disregarded totally. They were least interested in ground realities.
Then when she stool her ground for the right of the village people to their culture, she was asked if she would like to commit sati when her husband died.
This teenager must have been taken aback at this question, but she stood her ground. She had got quite tired I guess of all these dismissive and supercilious attitudes towards villages. She told me that she just said, "I will think about that. When I get married, and when my husband dies, I will decide.". She said that the two adults were taken aback at her reply.

My daughter went bird watching with some friends yesterday. On the way, she said, they passed some village people protesting against tha Jallikattu ban. The friends started their supercilious talk, 'These uneducated people, fighting for playing with a bull.'.
My daughter said she had to control her laughter - these superior people were going looking at birds throughout the day, but were sniggering at the thought of others playing with bulls.

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