Monday, 31 March 2014

Is Tapte bhookhand par (On this burning land) ...

A poem read some twenty years ago on the back of a  magazine … in  Narmada,  when  the  struggle  of the   people against being drowned  out  was  at  its  peak … A  poem  which  has  stayed in memory, etched forever.

Is Tapte bhookhand par
(On this burning land)
Odthe garam reth ke beech
(Amidst the sand blowing)
Jab mein jhukoon nal par
(When I bend at the tap)
O meri pyaas
(Oh my thirst)
Mujhe dena thaakath
(Give me the strength)
Piyoon tho ek chula kam
(If i drink, let me drink a mouthful less)
Ki yaad rahe doosron ki pyaas bhi
(That I may remember the thirst of others too)

O meri bhook
(Oh my hunger)
Mujhe mat karna kamzor
(Do not weaken me)
Khaaoon tho ek kaud kam
(If i eat, let me eat a mouthful less)
Ki yaad rahe doosron ki bhook bhi
(That I may remember the hunger of others too)

O mere neend
(O my sleep)
Soouon tho ek peher kam
(If i sleep let me sleep some hours less)
Ki yaad rahe raat raat bhar khatkar kaam karne waale kaamgaron ke liye
(That i may remember the workers working through the whole night)

Ho saktha hai yeh mangal kaamanaayein
(It is possible that these thoughts may)
Prithvi ki doosre chor par ladkhadaathe kisi maanav ko thaam le
(Reach a person struggling on the other side of the world)
Aur use thaakhat de
(And give him strength)

Ho saktha hai yeh kisi kaam ki na ho
(It is possible that these are of no use)
Lekin is tharah mein khud ko kar sakoon maaf
(But in this manner I can forgive myself)

Jiyoon ek aisa janam ki pareshan na karoon
(Let me live a life which does not hurt)
Doosre janam ki aasha
(the wishes of another life )


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