Sunday, 11 May 2014

Stories from the Bharatam

The village people tell stories from the Mahabharata.

Lakshmamma  tells me how Yudhishtra when asked by the yaksha for which of his brothers he wanted restored to life, chose a son of Madri's. Instead of one of his own brothers - Bhima or Arjuna.

Eashwaramma's son in law tells us how in Ekachakrapalle, Kunti insisted on  Bhima as sacrifice to the rakshasha when their host family had to offer the day's sacrifical human.

During the Bharatam celebrations, the whole village spends the days in the temple lisening to the harikatha. They walk the four kilometers daily to the temple. Lakshmamma walks with her painful knees, sitting many times along the roadside. Wages and labour are put aside for those days.

It is these stories of the gods that give a context for life and living for the community.

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