Sunday, 11 May 2014

When village people come to the city (2)

Eashwaramma came here to see Dr. Girija - when her health and nerve were completely gone. This was when her husband died, and she realized that her two small grandchildren Sasi and Kavya were solely dependednt on her, and her poor health.

She spent a week with me under the doctor's eye - restless to go back to the village.

- She would not touch the packet milk, saying that this was not milk, and wondered how we drank this stuff. (I also found the packet milk sickly after the fresh cow's milk in the villages)
- she barely ate the vegetables, saying that it all tasted uniformly like straw. (The vegetables in the weekly market in the village were fresh, and far tastier ! I knew that.)
-  she wondered at people taking dogs on leashes, and said that if one grazed cows one would get calves and cowdung and milk. Why graze dogs ?
- when i asked to to sit inside under the fan in the hot afternoon, she said the same hot air circulates, and sat under the neem tree outside.
-  she wondered why people did not drop by into each other's houses through the day as in villages.

She went back to the village, unimpressed by big houses in the cities, ot homes with many cars. When I went to the village, I had to face jibes and jokes from all the women, asking whyever I dont live permenently in the village.

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