Saturday, 7 June 2014

Dharmam is - so god is.

There is a god. My neighbour eashwaramma has lost her right eye. Her second eye is dim with cataract, but as she is the sole support of her two grandchildren, she is tied up n all possible ways. her cataract operation gets delayed forever because of factors beyond our imagination.

Her only asset on this earth is her cow, and she will with a very painful knee (post her chikun gunya attack which left her arthritic) and with dimming eyesight go for grass for it. I have tried to convince her to sell the cow, and said I will somehow give/ ask around for money for her and the children's upkeep till they grow up. She will not - it is her only possession. Life go eson ... from day to day ... in hope and (in eashwaramma's case, far more than mine) in goodness.

Her generosity to those in need is something that is only a distant light for me ... that gives me a sense of direction and a belief in a god i had forgotten.

That god who gives strength even to those as poor as her to be able to give generously and respectfully to those who ask of her. There is a god.

There is a god, or whatever we call the soul of beauty, truth and goodness - because though poverty and injustice exist, goodness exists despite it all.

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