Saturday, 7 June 2014

Dharmam is to give - at any cost

What sounds like abstract philosophy is living truth to village people. Today. In these times of unemployment and drought, when people from a distant village come and request contributions for annadaanam, Chinapaapakka gives rice, and says to me, 'One has to give. That is dharmam. If we eat a time less, thats OK'. Every mendicant who comes, 'Bhavati bhiksham dehi', is fed. Respectfully.There 'Bhavati bhiksham dehi' echoes, and gives dignity to the singing mendicant and to the lady giving. 

Chinapaapakka taught me that to give when asked is our dharmam, and whether the person misuses it of not is his karmam.

Because though one man conned the village people saying his daughter had delivered under a tree, and took the rice, clothes and money they gave - they again gave as generously to the next person who came and asked.

This is not from a religion that is an 'opium for the masses'. This is a religion that strengthens people to put feeding every hungry begger, over securing their own tomorrow's meal. Thereby even in this drought no on is turned away hungry from any village home.
Each time in the village I learn a little more about what I country is, and what its philosophical underpinnings are.

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