Friday, 6 June 2014

please .... reserve for the poor dalits.

Vishnu comes and askes me, 'Madam I feel scared on engineering now ... I am scared of the colleges ...". And she has reason for fear. 

After being a brillaiant student thro' her goverment schooling when she started her diploma, she faced the most formidable challenges. The shift from Telugu medium to English medium meant that she was unable to follow the classes, and her marks plummetted. The teachers realised she was dalit when her illiterate parents would visit her in hostel. She was isolated, and shunned by teachers and students.

Family tragedies, which befall the poor living on the edge, befell her. Her only brother, unable to get a job, committed suicide. Her father had a serious illness which left them in debt. Their dryland had to be sold. She spent the last six months at her diploma training. There her breakfast and dinner rations were two small idlis and two small chappaties each, and the students were overworked into the night. There was no way to supplement the meals. She steadily lost weight. And I could only advise her to study somehow through it all ... as if her life depended on it.

With all this she struggled and managed a rank of 3000 in the engineering enterance. Because of the reservation quota she will get a seat. She deserves that reservation, as far as I can see. But for that she would not have made it.

Please reserve for the dalit poor AND remove untouchability AND improve schools.

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