Thursday, 5 June 2014

Occult treatments (1)

A substantial part of treatment of mental and physical disorders is through non medicine routes. Removal of the effects of evil eye, wearing of lockets and of  amulets are some processes. Many diseases like sandulu (a condition of infants), koravaai noppi (a back pain), vipartha ( a condition of the joints) and eduru gurthu (a swelling of the neck) are addressed through such processes.

Where does the occult end and where do superstitions begin …. Who is wise enough to assess ?

... Sukanya, at five years, started losing power of speech. She would have episodes of about fifteen minutes duration when her tongue would protrude out slightly, her throat would feel rough and she would be unable to speak. This started happening two to three times a day. Her mother took her to the local allopathic doctors, but her condition did not improve. Then her mother got her to her parents’ home in Palaguttapalle, and she was taken to a vaidudu in Gantavaripalle. Mantrams were recited. She was also told to follow some restrictions. The episodes stopped after that. On the fifth day again she had one episode. That was the day she was to go the vaidudu again to get an antram tied. That day the vaidudu did some rituals, pricked the toe of the sacrificial hen, applied the blood on the antram and tied the antram on her. From that day her episodes ceased. She was asked to avoid meat for a year. She was to give up pork for life. Then, on her grandfather’s request, the vaidudu permitted her one egg every three months. 

Her grandparents gave the vaidudu five hundred rupees for this treatment. That was a large sum around the year 1995. But as it was a serious condition that had got addressed, they offered the sum voluntarily...

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