Tuesday, 20 September 2016

FB Discussions - Global Village

 Aparna Krishnan
"Global Village is an oxymoron.
Smaller the system, the more stable it is.
Larger the system, the more unstable it is.
Anyone with a little bit of common sense should be knowing this.
Village worked for 10,000 years.
Global Village is collapsing in just 100 years."
Gyan Mitra Some clever people made morons of us ?
Abby FromKodur We stupid guys followed the rats
Vidyasankar Sundaresan Global village is just a nice sounding term coined by people who have no intention of the globe being or becoming a village. It was only meant to fool the naive and simpleton villagers.
Aparna Krishnan well, it suited us, the elite of this country, to beleive it. we reaped the benefits of globalisation, and said that the villager would 'also gain' ! even today many developmet-wallahs are promoting cellphones and connectivity as their solution - because it will give the villager a better market ! he has no water, the pesticide situation is causing him to drink it up ... and these peddlers peddle cell phone solutions ...
Vidyasankar Sundaresan Well, the elite of our country are in many ways even more naive than simpleton villagers. And a lot more cunning in other ways, making short term profits.
Aparna Krishnan The west and the elite of this country together have built a trap for the poor that has seduced them totally.
Aparna Krishnan the elite of this country 1.look down on the poor 2. sell them for a song.

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